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Bay Area residents will find it easy to find awesome things to do in their part of California, including fun activities. There is a wealth of fun opportunities that you can explore so that you are never bored. You can use this short list to see what you have done and to create your own list of activities that you plan to do soon.

Gambling at the Casino

You can find a great casino for gambling in the Bay Area where you can test your luck with an array of popular casino games. It is easy to find one that meets your needs and experience level. Sit down for a game of blackjack, or enjoy more independent games when you hit one of the many slot machines. The casinos tend to be open long hours, making this an ideal activity for some late afternoon or late evening fun.

Check Out the Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race

If you want to relive one of the best parts of your childhood, go grab a Big Wheel and race Recommended Site against other adults down a winding hill. While you might not reach Nascar speeds, it look here is sure to be a good time and you will not find a race like this in many places.

Head to the Farallon Islands

Not far off the coast of San Francisco, you can head to an island where there is no shortage of wildlife for you to check out in its natural habitat. You will get a chance to see sea lions, sharks and even massive whales in the water. You can check out tours that will take you to the island so that you can properly plan in advance.

Plan for a Bonfire at the Beach

There are fire rings at Ocean Beach where you are allowed to start a fire so that you can plan for a nighttime beach celebration. You can also find these at Muir Beach. You often need to get there early if you plan on securing a fire ring for the night. Do not be surprised if a variety of strangers come up and enjoy your party too.

Go to Alcatraz Island

You can actually visit here at night and it is said to be haunted. If you are especially daring, you might consider a visit around the Halloween holiday. This is the perfect time to find some excitement and a few fun frights.

You can see that there are many activities to keep you busy, such as watching whales and gambling in the Bay Area. All you need to do is make a few plans and get ready to have an awesome adventure.

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